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Shanghai TianYu Packaging Products Co.,Lid  was founded in 2011, is located in Shanghai city in Jiading District, close to Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed and high-speed along the Yangtze River and strategic location, convenient traffic.

Since its inception, the rapid development momentum, becoming the largest in East China, the most development potential of the environmental protection paper-plastic packaging enterprises. The company covers an area of 10000 square meters, 2000 square meters factory. The company has more than 180 employees, including 20 technical staff, major equipment is compound machine, bag making machine, printing machine two units, 4 color printing machine and other relevant equipment; I Division introduced a set of advanced raphe bag equipment units, using German technology paper bag, broad reach 80 cm, 136 cm in length in the glue on the integration of production, drilling. With the bag making machine supporting the 4 color printing unit, can meet our customers for high-quality printing requirements, the use of environmentally friendly ink, printing and offset printing as comparable.

Company to "integrity and efficient, pragmatic innovation" for business purposes,. To modern management concepts to shape the corporate image, to rise above the common herd technology to open up the market, add Fitch packaging respected integrity, focus on corporate culture, emphasis on product quality, implementation of quality services, to promote rapid reaction, and adopted the ISO-9001 quality system certification, the company through ISO quality spirit, brand, service, price, information interactive com., which makes the Tim Yu packaging won the trust of many well-known clients.

At present, our main products have a full paper bag, kraft paper bags, Zhisu composite bag, square bottom bag, color printing bag, paper aluminum composite valve bag, paper bag, paper bag heat sealing, the joint bottom bag, square bottom bag kraft paper bag paper bag, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai valve bag, paper bag, paper bag valve port, aluminum foil composite paper bag, portable paper bag, plastic bags, and has an annual output of 2 ten million more than the production capacity, widely used in chemical raw materials, new building materials, fodder, grain, flour, leaves of paper, silica and powdered and granular products such as dog bag packaging

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