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Three layers of paper and aluminum foil bag

Imported yellow kraft paper or white kraft paper. Color offset printing. At the end of the slit opening form, with environmental protection, health and other characteristics. Imports of kraft paper and domestic kraft paper, can provide food bags endometrial. QS quality certification. PE endometrial bags moisture-proof effect. Products to comply with food hygiene requirements, fine impurities contained at least, can handle the food inspection, regular inspection, SGS place contains component testing. Products using new plastic, the original wood pulp kraft paper, without the use of renewable materials, materials such as recycled products, ensure quality level quality. Products can be used for packing powdery, granular, flaky, bulk material. Stacking neat, beautiful; belongs to green packaging products. It is suitable for packaging: pigments, dyes, and starch, food additives, plastics, chemical products, pigment, carbon black and so on.

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